Rewrite PLR Articles: Follow These 5 Steps!

Got some PLR articles? Great! But hold on just a minute, there are a few things we must do first.

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you might already know how we always emphasize the need for you to edit your PLR articles. That’s why in today’s blog post, we’re going to do exactly just that!

So read on because we’re going to share with you the steps to rewrite PLR articles and other tips! Ready? Let’s get right onto it!

5 Steps To Rewrite PLR Articles

5 Steps To Rewrite PLR Articles

And without further ado, let’s talk about each step on how to rewrite PLR articles!

1. Read through it!

Before you actually do some editing or rewriting, it’s extremely important to read the entire article first. Because doing so will give you an idea about what’s being talked about in the article, and it will give you a much better understanding of which parts should be rearranged later on.

Apart from that, reading your article would also give you the chance to mark errors such as spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes, and at the same time, you’d be able to double-check the facts and figures included in the article.

Reading through the entire article may sound like it’s gonna take some time, but on the contrary, it will actually help you save time once you start rewriting it.

2. Identify which parts need to be removed and rearranged.

Assuming that you’ve finally read your article, marked all the errors, double-checked the facts, and finally had a much better understanding of how you want things to be rearranged, then you can proceed to identify which parts need to be removed, replaced, and rearranged.

Even if, let’s say, the article that you have is already well-written, you still want to make it your own. You might have a better way of how you want things to be laid out, so make a draft or even just a rough outline of how you’d like your article to be written.

Apart from simply identifying which parts need to go and which ones need to stay, why not add additional information that would make your article even more interesting? Doing this will make your article even better than the original and different compared to those that are bought and used by many other people.

3. Start rewriting!

Already got your draft or outline ready? Great job! Now we can finally proceed to the third step on how to rewrite PLR articles, and that is the main part!

This is when you can start rewriting your PLR articles. Since you already got things sorted out earlier, even though this part still requires time and effort, fortunately, you won’t have to spend too much of those anymore.

Rewrite one part at a time, such as the intro, the body, and then the conclusion. As we mentioned earlier, you want to make the article yours, so make sure to add your voice to it!

Oh and one more thing, when you’re going to use your PLR article for your blog, don’t forget to incorporate keywords into your content. Never forget SEO!

4. Proofread your work.

Once you’re finally done rewriting your PLR article, before publishing or releasing it, it’s essential that you proofread it first to make sure no errors managed to escape your radar!

Proofreading is also a good habit because apart from checking for errors, you’ll also get the chance to add a few touches. You know, there are times that just after we’ve finished writing something, a much more brilliant idea pops up in our head! It happens…

So never forget to proofread your PLR article!

5. Make a catchy title!

You might be thinking why this step comes last when learning how to rewrite PLR articles, well, that’s because you have already fully understood the content of your article, therefore, you can finally come up with a relevant title.

Make sure to make your titles catchy, something that would make potential readers curious to know what the content behind it is. And by the way, when you’re going to use your PLR article for your blog, never forget the power of SEO!

Optimize your title using the best and most popular keywords!

And there we have it! 5 steps on how to rewrite your PLR articles!

Additional Tips!

Additional Tips 2

Hold on! We’re not done yet. Before we wrap things up, we’d like to share additional tips with you before you start to rewrite your PLR articles. So let’s cut to the chase!

One article at a time.

It’s already a no-brainer, we agree. But it never hurts to be reminded that it’s best to rewrite one PLR article at a time.

That way, you’ll get to focus on one idea or theme at a time and not get overwhelmed with too much to think about.

Choose PLR articles that you know well about.

When you’re knowledgeable about something, then you definitely know what you’re doing and know what you’re going to talk about. You can also easily identify false information because you’re well-versed in the topic.

Being knowledgeable about what you write will make it easier for you to spot errors, make changes, and overall, rewrite your articles.

Use an AI writing assistant!

There are times when we just can’t seem to write even a single word. Every now and then, we suffer from writer’s block. It happens…

Suffering from writer’s block is terrible and is such a waste of time. And when it happens, it’s usually difficult to get back on track.

But fortunately, there’s something that could help combat the difficulty of writing or rewriting! And that is an AI writing assistant!

Whenever you feel like you’re stuck and not making any progress, use an AI writing assistant right away! Using it will make you understand that writing can be fun, easy, and fast!

Go For It!

Go For It 4

Now that we’ve finally shared all those tips on how to rewrite PLR articles, we hope you found them useful. So now, there’s just one more thing left for you to do… And that is to get started!

Would you be willing to rewrite PLR articles from now on? Tell us what you think. And if you have more tips to share with others, feel free to do so. We’d all want to hear and learn them! Ciao!

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