Searching For “PLR Ebooks Free”? You Might Wanna Read This

Looking for free Private Label Rights eBook might be just as easy as typing “PLR eBooks free” on Google and then clicking the search button. After just a few seconds, all the places where you could possibly get yourself some PLR eBooks free appear page by page.

But to save you some time, we’d like to show you some places you can get yourself some PLR eBooks free and what each of those places can offer you! And as a bonus, we’d like to share some tips and some ways how you can make the most of your PLR eBooks free as well!

PLR eBooks Free: Where To Get Them?

PLR eBooks Free Where To Get Them

If you’re looking for some places to get yourself some PLR eBooks free, then here are some you might want to check out:

Buy Quality PLR

You might think that you’d have to pay to get some PLR content here, well, because of the website’s name. But that’s not necessarily true.

At Buy Quality PLR, they have a lot to offer, and it’s easy to navigate what you’re specifically looking for because they placed their products in different categories.

They also have different PLR content for different niches such as content marketing, finance, health and wellness, etc.

They also don’t just offer PLR articles or PLR eBooks, but they also have different types of Private Label Rights Content such as videos, audios, minisite templates, autoresponder emails, lead magnets, reports, as well as niche SEO keyword Lists!

While they do sell PLR products, they also have free ones. If you hover over their “Free PLR” option, you’ll find subcategories such as:

  • Free PLR Article Packs
  • Free PLR eBooks
  • Free PLR List Building Reports
  • Free PLR Videos
  • Free Health PLR
  • Free PLR Niche Keyword Lists

So if you ever need to get yourself some PLR eBooks free, or any other types of free PLR content, then now you know that Buy Quality PLR is one of the best places to choose from.

Free PLR Downloads

Unlike Buy Quality PLR, Free PLR Downloads is a place that truly lives up to its name. If you’re looking for a place that offers all of its PLR products for free, then this website would definitely be it!

It has a simple user interface. On the left side, you’d find an option to select a category. It’s where you can choose what specific type of PLR content you’re looking for.

Apart from PLR or Private Label Rights goods, they also offer other goods with different licensing rights such as:

MRR (Master Resale Rights)

It’s a type of resell license that allows the buyer to sell the product, as well as the resell rights, to their customers.

This means that the buyer can sell the product an unlimited number of times, and they can also pass on the resell rights to their customers. Since the original creator of the product still owns the copyright, they can update and improve the product without having to obtain permission from the buyers.

MRR is different from Private Label Rights (PLR), which allows the buyer to modify the product and claim ownership of the modified version. In MRR, however, you’re not allowed to modify or rewrite the original products.

GAR (Give Away Rights)

This is a type of licensing agreement that allows the purchaser to give away the product they have purchased.

With Give Away Rights, the licensee is able to give the product away for free, as long as they do not sell it or pass on the rights to sell it themselves.

This type of licensing agreement can be an effective way to generate leads and build an audience, as it allows the licensee to distribute the product widely.

However, it is important to ensure that the terms of the agreement are clear, as giving away a product without restrictions could result in lost sales.

PUR (Personal Use Rights)

Personal Use Rights, also known as PUR, just as its name suggests, grants the purchaser of certain digital products the right to use those products for personal, non-commercial purposes only.

This means that you can use the product for yourself or for your family and friends, but you cannot sell, resell, redistribute, or give away the product in any way.

Now, let’s get back on track. Apart from the option to select a category or choose which type of content you like, on the left side, you can also see all the different types of niches you could choose from.

They have content that’s related to business, content marketing, health and wellness, social media, recreational activities, education, and so much more!


This website offers most of its PLR products for sale, but it does have some PLR content, eBooks included, for free!

They have PLR eBooks free about different kinds of topics such as:

  • WordPress
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Self Improvement
  • Money Making
  • Recipes
  • Weight Loss
  • Business
  • Internet Marketing
  • SEO

And so much more! In order to download their PLR eBooks free, you’d have to register with them and create an account for yourself.

PLR eBooks Free: How You Can Take Advantage Of Them

how you can take advantage of your plr ebooks free

Perhaps you already have an idea about how you’d like to use your PLR eBooks. However, if you’d like to hear what we’ve got for you on how you can take advantage of your PLR eBooks free, then you might want to read on.


The reason why turning your PLR eBooks into a series, whether it be a written series, audio series, or video series, is because they already talk about a specific theme, in which chapters are arranged in order.

You can use each chapter as a single episode for your series. Chapters can be quite long, but if you’d like to make them shorter, you can always summarize them, or take the most important and informative parts.

Online Course

Another great way to use your PLR eBooks is to turn them into an online course.

Just like how a series is organized into chapters, you can use each chapter as a lesson for your course. You can even add additional material, such as quizzes, assignments, and supplementary readings, to help your students learn better.

Apart from these, there’s so much you could do with your PLR eBooks, the same way as there’s so much you could do with PLR articles, or other types of PLR content.

You can turn them into blog posts, social media posts, other content formats, infographics, newsletters, etc. depending on your purpose and business needs.

That’s All For Now!

thats all

We hope that the things we’ve shared with you today were somehow helpful. Since you’ll get your PLR eBooks free of charge, the only things you’ll have to invest to make the most of them are time, effort, patience, and creativity.

Tell us what you think and thanks for reading! We’d like to see you again in our next update!

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