Make The Most Of SEO PLR Articles For Your Business

When it comes to PLR articles, there are thousands of topics to choose from. From business to entertainment, you name it!

But the star of today’s blog post is no other than SEO PLR articles!

Stick around because we’re going to be talking about how you can turn SEO PLR articles into passive income!

And by the way, this is going to be a long read, so please feel free to check our table of contents to get to the part you want to learn more about first.

Now let’s get started!

SEO? What Is It?

SEO What Is It

If you haven’t heard of this term yet, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. Just based on the name itself, we can already get an idea about what it’s about.

We already talked about what SEO is before, but let’s just have a short overview and let’s define it in simple terms.

Surely you’ve used Google to look for specific information, say for example “How to bake a chocolate cake?” Once the results page loads up, you’re more likely to click on top search results.

In order to become easily visible and get more traffic or visits to their website, businesses use SEO to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many more!

More traffic means increased brand awareness and potential customers. And, of course, more customers is equal to more revenue!

Types of SEO

On-page SEO

Just from the name itself, we can already get an idea as to what it means and how it’s done.

On-page SEO involves optimizing your website with the aim of making it more search engine friendly. This involves using specific keywords and improving your website’s content, title, meta tags, and header tags.

Off-page SEO

Contrary to on-page SEO, off-page SEO involves optimization that takes place outside of your website, just as the name suggests. This includes social media signals, brand mentions, and link building just to name a few.

Local SEO

This kind of SEO strategy, as the name suggests, focuses on optimizing the website of a business with a physical location, in order to make them visible on local searches.

White Hat SEO

It’s a kind of SEO strategy to improve a website’s ranking on search results while still being in line with Google’s guidelines.

Here are some examples of white hat SEO methods:

  • Creating content that’s actually informative and of good quality.
  • Doing keyword research
  • Creating a mobile-friendly website

Black Hat SEO

The name itself sounds contrary to white hat SEO, and its meaning is indeed actually contrary because this involves optimization techniques that are against Google’s guidelines.

Here are some examples of Black Hat SEO

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Creating content that’s spammy and of low quality
  • Link schemes

Once a website is caught using this type of SEO, it will be penalized by Google, which will definitely result in decreased traffic to its website.

Gray Hat SEO

If you mix the colors white and black, you’ll, of course, get gray. And that’s the same thing with Gray Hat SEO, thus the name.

It involves using methods and practices of SEO that are not directly a violation of Google’s guidelines but can still be considered unethical.

Examples of Gray Hat SEO:

  • Paying someone to give you positive reviews
  • Buying links
  • Purchasing an expired domain

What are SEO PLR Articles?

What are SEO PLR Articles

We already understood what PLR content and SEO are.

So simply put, SEO PLR articles are a kind of content that you can purchase and legally edit and use as your own and in whatever way you like.

Things To Do Before Making Money With SEO PLR Articles

Things To Do Before Making Money With SEO PLR Articles

Alright! Before you go ahead and start making money with SEO PLR articles, there are important things you should consider first.

Find a good place where you can buy your SEO PLR articles.

As much as possible, it would be better to buy PLR content instead of getting them from free websites.

Although free PLR content can also be of excellent quality, the problem with them is that they’re overused because anyone can easily get them.

If you know how to add your own spin to them, then it would be okay to use them.

As much as possible, try to get an idea of what you’re gonna get by looking at samples of previews.

Some places that sell PLR content offer previews to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting.

Some places even include the list of the titles of the articles within a PLR package for you to get a much better glimpse of what’s included before you decide to buy them.

So read the preview or the sample first in order to make sure that you do like what you’re about to purchase. Once you’re sure, then you can go ahead and click that add to cart button.

You have to understand the terms and conditions.

Apart from reading the previews or sample content, it would also be best to read and understand the terms and conditions.

Although you’re legally allowed to use your purchased content however you want, some authors have certain limitations and requests.

In order to avoid such problems, it’s better to understand and then decide whether you agree or disagree with the terms before proceeding to check out.

You need to edit your articles.

We already know that PLR articles are sold not only to you but to other several people as well. So it’s very essential that you edit yours to make it different from theirs.

If you want to edit your articles in a much faster way, how about using an AI writing assistant? I actually wrote this article with the help of one and writing has never been easier and faster.

Different Ways You Can Monetize SEO PLR Articles

Different Ways You Can Monetize SEO PLR Articles

Now that we already understand the important points we should know, let’s talk about the different ways you can earn money with SEO PLR articles. Let’s get down to business!

YouTube Tutorial

Turn your SEO PLR articles into YouTube Tutorials.

A lot of people who are just getting started with blogging or building a website are in search of helpful and informative videos that’ll teach them what they need to learn in order to make their blogs or websites rank higher on search engines.

With all the topics that fall under the large umbrella of SEO, you won’t run out of things to talk about or videos to make.


And with that said, here are some tips we’d like to share with you:

  1. Start making a script from your articles. Make it informative and engaging, and add a bit of humor to it if necessary, just to spice things up.
  2. Choose a visual theme and design that your viewers can identify and associate with your channel. Stick with it.
  3. Record your video. Make sure that the lighting is good and the camera’s steady. If you don’t want to record yourself, make a catchy and visually appealing infographic/animation video instead.
  4. Make sure that your audio is clear and that you speak at a moderate pace.
  5. Use an attention-grabbing intro that’s not too long.
  6. Edit your videos and add some necessary video and sound effects, as well as background music. Make sure not to overdo it, though.
  7. Create and use catchy thumbnails.
  8. Never clickbait!
  9. Use an outro where you can place a subscribe button and where you can point your viewers to other videos on your channel.
  10. Add a featured video on your YouTube channel home page so that when visitors check your homepage, the video will automatically play which will likely increase your number of views.
  11. And never forget to promote them on social media to gain even more viewers!
  12. Once your channel’s eligible, you can monetize your content!

Resources that you can use:

In order to create a successful channel, you’re gonna need some resources. Here are places where you can get useful tools to help you create awesome videos!

If you already have powerful editing software, then that sounds great! If not, no worries. We have just what you need. Check out this link, and it’ll take you to a page that talks about the best legally free editing software.

Another powerful tool you can use especially for graphics is Canva. If you’d like to add animation to your videos, then click this link, and it’ll take you to a page that talks about the best free animation software.

Want some free stock images and videos? Check out Pixabay and Pexels. For free sound effects, you can go to YouTube’s audio library.

Social Media Content

This is a great way to supplement your YouTube channel in order to gain even more viewers.

Create a shortened version of your YouTube video and use a portion of your article that’s informative and relevant to your video as a caption for your post.

You can also create posts such as these:

  • Did you know facts and statistics related to SEO
  • Infographics that your viewers can easily process

Blog Content

In order to widen your reach, even more, create a blog or website that’s connected to your YouTube channel and social media pages, and monetize it.

This is a good way to reach the people who prefer reading.

Using your SEO PLR articles, you can edit them and get useful and true information that you can use to talk about specific topics.

Example Topics:

  • SEO tips and tricks
  • Guides related to SEO
  • How to… SEO questions
  • Interviews with SEO experts

And the list goes on! Just as we mentioned earlier, SEO is such a broad topic so you won’t have any shortage of ideas for your content.

Just remember the most important things when it comes to sharing your content, and that is to be creative, informative, factual, and engaging.

Oh and don’t forget to optimize your blog yourself! Your SEO-themed blog also needs SEO in order to rank higher and gain more traffic.


Compile and rearrange your SEO PLR articles into a clear and organized format to create an eBook or a physical book that you can sell.

It’s another awesome way to earn passive income!

Mini-Books / Booklets

Instead of writing a full book which would obviously take a longer period of time, why not write mini-books or booklets using your SEO PLR articles?

They contain lesser content than ordinary ones, so it means it would take less time to complete them.

There are so many topics related to SEO for you to choose from. Compile information that’s related to each other or those that belong to the same category or topic, and make a mini-book using them.

Online Course

You can also create an online course using your SEO PLR articles as a guide.

This would be perfect for people who want to learn more about SEO but are looking to spend a lesser amount of money instead of spending too much on expensive courses.

You can either use your own website or upload your courses on popular learning platforms.


Not everyone has enough patience and time to read an entire book or blog article or watch long videos. With that said, why not create newsletters using your SEO PLR articles to give informative and straight-to-the-point tips, advice, and updates on everything related to SEO?

Using them as newsletters would be an awesome way for you to build a connection with those people.

Bonus or Freebies

A lot of people know how important SEO is, so if you give them brief articles that offer SEO tips, it would surely make your existing customers happy.

Give them as a bonus or a freebie when they purchase your products or services. They would surely appreciate it, and they would certainly love to do business with you once again. Thus, you’ll gain loyal customers!

Is It Worth Trying?

Is It Worth Trying 2

Indeed, it is! Especially if you already have a business or are planning to start a business that’s related to digital marketing, content marketing, blogging, website management, and many more.

With knowledge, creativity, patience, and the right resources, you’ll definitely see progress, not overnight, though. So make the most of SEO PLR articles by following these tips! We do hope that you’ll find them useful.

What do you think? Do you think it’s worth making business with SEO PLR articles? Were there things we forgot to talk about?

If you’d also like to add more tips to share with others, we’d be glad to hear them. Thanks for sticking around and we hope to see you again on our next blog!

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