Free PLR Articles: The Pros and Cons and How To Use Them

Need PLR content ASAP? Maybe free PLR articles would be the answer to that!

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the good and the bad when it comes to free PLR articles and in what ways we can make use of them.

So, read on, and let’s get started!

The Pros and Cons of Free PLR Articles

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PLR content has always been the star of our blog posts, so you might already be well-informed about it if you’ve been a regular reader of our blog.

But we’d like to give a quick overview for those who are not very familiar with the term yet.

In short, you can purchase PLR content and you’ll have the right to modify them and use them in any way that you like. You can even sell them. And you can do all those legally!

They come in many formats such as articles, books, audio files, videos, etc.

However, it’s important to remember that even if you’re legally allowed to do anything you want with them, the copyright of the original work still belongs to the original author or owner.

And although most PLR content needs to be purchased, there are places that give away PLR content FOR FREE! That’s right! They’re ready for you to download without you having to spend even a cent!

If you’re someone who’s still starting out and who’s looking for ways to save your hard-earned money, then this may sound like the perfect answer!

But if you ever decide to use free PLR articles, it’s worth knowing not just the good but also the “not-so-good” things about them, so that you’ll know how to weigh things out.

The Good

Zero Cost

This is obviously the number one advantage of Free PLR Articles. You don’t have to pay any amount but you can download and use as many articles as you need or want.

So if you’re still testing the waters and don’t want to spend money yet, then free PLR articles would be perfect for you.

They’re A Good Source Of Ideas

Apart from getting them for free, you can download as many articles as you want, which means you’ll have a lot of ideas no matter what niche you focus on.

The Bad

They’re Overused

While it seems ironic, one of the advantages of free PLR articles is also one of their biggest disadvantages – they’re free and are easily available to anyone. And here’s the reason why we can consider that as a disadvantage, too.

Since they’re widely available and anyone can freely download them, it means there are many people who use the same content, which is equal to saying that they’re overused.

Duplication and Plagiarism

Just as mentioned before, a lot of people use the same content because of how easily accessible it is.

With that said, you’re bound to bump into people who used the same content as you, or worse, your target audience would be the ones to spot the similarities!

So using them would likely result in problems involving duplication and plagiarism.

Questionable Quality

Free PLR sounds very tempting, and some take advantage of that fact by writing mediocre articles and producing low-quality content that they can “offer” freely but truly with the aim of making money for themselves.

“But if they give away their content for free, how will they earn money?” Good question!

One way they can earn is through the ads on their website. They know for a fact that giving content for free would definitely increase the traffic on their website, so the more people who download their free content, the more likely they are to get higher revenue from ads.

Though it’s important to take note that not all PLR providers who give out free content are like that. But looking for one that’s legit is gonna be quite some work.

How To Deal With The Cons

Find A Proven and Trustworthy Place To Get Free PLR Articles.

Although some Free PLR websites have hidden agendas behind their free content, not all of them are that bad. So, one way to make sure is to research the best places where you can find free PLR content that’s of good quality despite being free.

Read some reviews, ask or read on online forums as well.

But if you don’t want to go through all that trouble, then we recommend you check out our blog post about where to get free PLR downloads!

Use them as a starting point or as inspiration.

Being caught in problems involving duplication and plagiarism is surely a hard situation to be in, and it’s obviously something you don’t want.

Since many people have been using the same content, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use them the way they are.

Because of that, it would be best not just to edit, but instead use them as a starting point, a source of ideas or inspiration. Use them as a supplementary resource to fill in the gaps or the parts where you’re lacking.

That’s why it’s also essential that you choose a niche that you already know about when you decide to use free PLR articles.

Ways You Can Use Them

Ways You Can Use Them

As mentioned earlier, instead of taking free PLR articles as “ready-to-post” content, it would be better to use them as a supplementary resource or to edit them as much as you can in order to prevent the problems involving duplication.

After all, you’re gonna need your content to be the best among the rest, so double-check its facts and make it more unique and more informative – something that your target audience will learn from and enjoy at the same time!

Want to learn how to edit your free PLR content as fast as possible? Why not try an AI writing assistant? Click this link to read our in-depth review of the best AI writing assistant yet!

So if you’ve finally weighed things out and decided to go for it, then using the free PLR articles that you’ve modified and even made better, here are some ways you can use them to earn yourself some passive income:

Blog Content That You Can Monetize

Post your customized articles as content for your website or blog. Monetize your blog through ads, affiliate links, etc.

Convert Them To Other Formats

Combine relevant information from your free PLR articles as well as your knowledge to make podcasts, videos, tutorials, guide books, etc. about your chosen niche.

Social Media Posts

Use them on social media to promote your other channels and websites in order to attract much more audiences across different platforms.

Are They Worth It?

Are They Worth It 3

When you decide to use free PLR articles, it’s important to weigh the benefits you can get versus the disadvantages that come with it.

But if you’re a creative and resourceful starter who knows how to get the best of things, then using free PLR articles would be the way to go for you.

What do you think? Is it worth using free PLR articles? We’d like to hear what you could share.

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