Etsy PLR Articles: Teach People How To Start Selling Online!

These days, when you want to start a store and sell your goods, you don’t need to rent physical space anymore. All you have to do is look for the most popular online selling platforms, become a seller there, and you can start selling in the comfort of your own home!

Etsy is a great example of that!

A lot of people have become successful by starting a business on Etsy. And surely a lot of people would also like to give it a try.

But starting an online business, or an online store to be specific, needs the right knowledge. And that’s where you and your Etsy PLR articles come in!

Teach people how to start their own business online using your Etsy PLR articles!

Ready? Let’s dive in!

What Are Etsy PLR Articles?

What Are Etsy PLR Articles

We already know that PLR content is a type of content you can purchase so you’ll have the right to modify it and use it for whatever purposes you want to, whether it be for personal or even commercial use.

Alright! Now back to Etsy PLR articles. The name itself is pretty much self-explanatory. We can understand that this type of content talks about everything related to Etsy.

It could contain information about how to start an Etsy shop, how to grow it, what the most popular products to sell are, tips to become a successful Etsy seller, and so on!

What Are The Most Common Types Of Etsy Products?

What Are The Most Common Types Of Etsy Products

Well, you might be thinking to yourself, “Why do I need to know about the most common types of Etsy products?” Good question!

That’s because people who want to start an Etsy shop would need to know about this! After all, they can’t just sell random things on Etsy.

So, here are some of the most popular items sold on Etsy:

Handmade Goods

This is the perfect option for those who are creative and artsy. Some examples of handmade goods that people sell on Etsy are paintings, handmade accessories, and even handmade clothes.

And speaking of handmade goods, let’s not forget about how popular handmade wedding souvenirs are as well. You can find lots of them on Etsy.

Vintage Items

For people who got some “old but gold” stuff laying around their house that they no longer want, instead of getting rid of them, why not make money with them by selling them on Etsy?

You heard it right! Some people, especially vintage items collectors are constantly on the lookout for vintage items. Vintage items could be clothes, furniture, even old books, etc.!

They might seem old to many people, but vintage item collectors know their timeless value. Knowing this fact, we can understand why it’s not so surprising that vintage items are quite popular on Etsy.

Customized or Personalized Gifts

Don’t you just love it when people give you personalized gifts? Exactly! No wonder why such items are popular on Etsy.

It could be personalized mugs with special messages or pictures of the people the customers would like to give gifts to, or it could be customized clothes with people’s names or even pictures on them.

Party Decors!

People love celebrating. And of course, a celebration is just not complete without party decors! That’s why Etsy is teeming with party decorations for every kind of event such as birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, graduation parties, and many more!


Yes! Journaling is still a popular thing to do even these days.

People love to write down their thoughts and record their important life events. That’s why journals are great sellers on Etsy!


People don’t have to sell physical products and go through the tedious process of shipping items. Because with printables, the customers will be able to instantly download their purchased files and print those by themselves.

There are a lot of types of printables people can sell on Etsy, the most common ones are art printables, cards, and invitations.

Canva Templates

When it comes to graphic design platforms, Canva would be at the top. Not only does it have a user-friendly interface, but it also has a lot of graphics, illustrations, fonts, photos, videos, and even audio files!

The best thing about Canva is that people can actually create unique and visually appealing templates that they can sell on Etsy!

For people who don’t want to sell physical products, this would be an excellent option along with printables.

How Much Can Sellers Earn On Etsy?

How Much Can Sellers Earn On Etsy?

“How much can I make on Etsy?” This is the number one question people would like to hear the answer to.

That is a reasonable question to ask oneself when starting a business. There’s no exact figure, but there is an approximate number. And it’s important to take note that how much people can earn on Etsy also depends on the kind of products they sell and of course, the effort they put in.

Some Etsy sellers actually made about $4,000 in a month and some managed to make around $30,000 and $53,000 in a year!

That sounds like a lot, right? But these successful sellers did not achieve these numbers that easily. Just like growing any other type of business, it all takes time and a lot of effort and perseverance.

How To Use Etsy PLR Articles To Earn Money

How To Use Etsy PLR Articles To Earn Money

Alright! Now that we talked about all the basic info related to Etsy, let’s proceed to how you can use your Etsy PLR articles to earn yourself some money by teaching others how to sell online!

Let’s get started!

Create Etsy tutorials!

When people want to learn something these days, the first place they usually look for information is the internet!

So why not use your Etsy PLR articles to create tutorials for people who are interested in starting their own Etsy shop? Your tutorials could be written articles or even videos!

If you ever opt to go with video tutorials, YouTube would be one of the best platforms you can upload your videos on because of the massive number of users.

Want to know more about how you can create YouTube tutorials using PLR content? Check out our blog post about it!

Offer Etsy advice for new Etsy sellers through blogging.

This method would be best done with the first one mentioned in order to maximize the number of people who will see your content.

What you can do is create a blog, and share useful Etsy selling tips one post at a time using your Etsy PLR articles. Then you can link your YouTube channel to your blog posts, and you can also link your blog site to your YouTube channel’s description box!

This way, people would be able to go back and forth and gain useful information in different formats on different platforms according to their preferences.

Create an Etsy guidebook for starters.

Videos might be more popular, but that doesn’t mean books are useless. There are still many people who prefer to read.

You can make guidebooks using your Etsy PLR articles and sell them as either eBooks, physical books or both. By the way, though we’re living in a digital world, did you know that paper books or physical books are still preferred by more people?

So take advantage of this fact!

Final Words Of Wisdom

Final Words Of Wisdom

Etsy is a great platform for people who want to start their own business. And with the help of Etsy PLR articles, you can teach them everything they need to know about it!

Before using your Etsy PLR articles, it’s important for you to make all the necessary changes. You want to make sure that your content is different from others and that it should stand out from the rest!

Always put your customers first, and strive to provide useful and accurate tips and info that they’ll be thankful for. Doing so will not only make you proud, but it will definitely give your business a great reputation.

And the greater your brand’s reputation is, the more people will trust you and refer your products and services to others! It always pays off to be good to customers.

So what about you? Would you like to give Etsy PLR articles a go? Tell us what you think!

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