Coach Glue Review 2022: Do They Offer the Best PLR Coaching Products?

PLR coaching products are all the rage these days. But do Coach Glue’s offerings stand out from the rest?

This Coach Glue review looks at what they offer, analyzing everything from the quality of their materials to the customer service experience.

Spoiler alert: It’s pretty good! Coach Glue is a great option if you’re looking for high-quality PLR coaching products.

Read on to learn more.

What Is Coach Glue?

What Is Coach Glue?

If you’re in the online coaching or course business, then you’ve probably heard of Coach Glue. But what exactly is it?

Coach Glue is an online platform founded by Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean. These two highly skilled marketers have a combined experience of over 30 years of running successful online businesses.

They originally started Coach Glue under another name in 2010 and rebranded under the Coach Glue name in May of 2013 to provide PLR coaching products in the market.

Their goal was to develop a platform packed with high-quality, professionally-written, and 100% customizable resources.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done.

All of the content obtained from Coach Glue can be used in almost any way you like, including rebranding, giving away, and reselling.

So if you’re in the business of online coaching or courses, then Coach Glue is definitely worth checking out. Their done-for-you coaching content packages will save you a ton of time and energy.

What Products Does Coach Glue Offer?

What Products Does Coach Glue Offer?

Coach Glue offers 4 types of done-for-you coaching materials – Blog Posts, Planners, Courses, and Video Scripts.

Let’s take a closer look at each category and find out what it has to offer:

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

If you’re in need of some content for your blog or website, never fear! Coach Glue has a range of different blog post packages that can help you out.

A blog post package comprises 10 to 65 articles, and there are currently nine packages available.

These cover topics such as vision boards, business, marketing, branding, making money, lead generation, social media, productivity, freelancing, and many more – so there’s bound to be something that’s relevant to you.

The articles are all professionally written and can be freely used on social media, newsletters, and blogs.

If you’re planning to use them on your blog, it’s highly recommended that you tweak and turn them into original blog posts – that way, you’ll pass the plagiarism check with flying colors!

If you don’t, you may not be able to rank them as Google does not like duplicate content.



If you’re a very organized person, you love a good planner. And Coach Glue currently offers 22 done-for-you planners.

They fall into topics such as making money online, digital marketing, social media, self-care, and more. The planners are well-designed, and each has about 30-60 pages.

Plus, they’re all easily customizable as they come in Word Document format plus the latest addition, which is designed in Canva.

Here are the titles of a few of the available Planners:

  • My Profitable & Fun Virtual Summit Planner
  • How to Write a Book When You Have No Time to Write
  • The Daily Money-Making Activities Planner
  • Tiny Viral Videos Planner
  • Membership Site Idea Planner
  • My Monthly YouTube Video Marketing Planner
  • How to Use Pinterest to Attract New Fans, Clients, and Sales
  • My Weekly Client-Getting Content Plan
  • Start Your Podcast Planner
  • Self-Care Planner for Coaches and Entrepreneurs

These can be ideally used for challenges in Facebook groups, case studies, email list growing, bonuses, and upsells. Or you could even resell them as printed or digital products.



CoachGlue offers complete, done-for-you courses that you can easily brand as your own, and it’s one of the few sources online that deliver them.

There are currently 9 courses available, each of which consists of 4 lesson models with plenty of students, sales, and marketing materials.

You can expect to receive resources like workbooks, worksheets, exercises, sales pages, checklists, social media posts, Livestream scripts, email templates, and blog posts with each course. This provides you with enough materials to get to efficiently market the course.

Here are the titles of all the available Courses:

  • From Burnout to Bliss: How to Fall in Love with Your Business Again
  • Money Empowerment Bootcamp: How to Release Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs to Create an Elevated CEO Mindset
  • Freedom Journaling: How to Write Your Dreams into Reality in Just Minutes a Day!
  • Sales Funnel Profits: How to Use the Power of Automation to Sell with Ease
  • Abundance Workshop: More Flow, More Money, More Fun!
  • Automated Courses: Create Your Dream Course and Get Paid for it Over and Over Again!
  • Entrepreneur’s Storytelling Bootcamp
  • Mindset Reset
  • Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Selfcare Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs

It is easy to customize everything to your needs because all materials come in Word documents.

Once done, you can sell these courses to your students on your website or through an online course selling platform. In addition, you can use different course materials for free giveaways, bonuses, upsells, content on your blog, and other purposes.

Video Scripts

Video Scripts

As busy entrepreneurs, it’s tough to find the time to create high-quality video training on our own. That’s where Coach Glue comes in.

They provide everything you need to record an effective video training, webinar, Livestream, or even podcast.

There are 18 video scripts in total that cover a wide range of topics that will be sure to appeal to your audience. Each includes a workbook you can rebrand and deliver with the training.

They’ve also included professionally-written sales copy and 21 Facebook posts to help promote your video training.

Here are the titles of a few of the available Video Script Packages:

  • 9 Ways to Find Profitable Ideas for Your Next Course
  • How to Use the Power of Video in Your Business to Connect & Engage with Your Audience
  • Soul Aligned! How to Step Fully into Your Purpose to Create More, Make More, and Live More
  • Radical Shifts: How to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs and Tap into Your Divine Purpose
  • Distraction Action! How to Kick Your Distractions to the Curb & Boost Your Productivity
  • Unshakeable: Leaning into Unapologetic Messaging, Creation, and Selling with Confidence and Ease
  • CEO Mindset: How to Identify and Clear All the Fears & Blocks Holding You Back from Reaching Your Next Level
  • How to Plan Your Social Media Content Calendar & Automate it with Ease
  • How to Turn Your Passion for Service into a Profitable Business
  • Maximum Revenue! Discover Your Zone of Genius to Create a Low-Stress, Highly Profitable Business that You Love

All video scripts are easy to follow and come in a step-by-step manner. Each contains about 6000-7000 words, so you can be sure your audience will get a lot of value from them.

So if you’re looking for a way to create high-quality video training without spending hours doing it yourself, Coach Glue is the perfect solution.

What Can I Do With Products From the Coach Glue?

What Can I Do With Products From the Coach Glue?

Coach Glue is the perfect solution if you’re looking for quality, done-for-you, fully customizable products that you can resell to your clients. But despite that, it does not brand itself as a PLR site.

While most PLR sites allow you to sell the resell license of a PLR product to the end buyer, Coach Glue only enables you to sell the content to your clients with personal use rights. This may seem like a downside, but it’s actually a good thing.

It means that Coach Glue has stricter terms for its products, which results in higher quality content. Furthermore, you can still modify and resell the products freely.

Let’s look at what you can and can’t do with Coach Glue’s products.

Here are some things you CAN do:

  • Resell content with personal use rights to end buyers
  • Modify, add, or remove content or sell it as-is
  • Make documents your own by adding your business name, logo or redesigning them
  • Use content for your website, blog, membership sites, newsletters, or social media
  • Giveaway for free in exchange for email addresses
  • Use as bonuses or upsells
  • Combine with other products and sell as a package
  • Repurpose into other media types like video or audio
  • Create a workshop or class that can be distributed offline

Here are some things you CAN’T do:

  • Provide the buyer with original editable source files
  • Make the claim that your clients’ purchased content can be sold or given away for free
  • You can’t sell Coach Glue’s content on Amazon as a Kindle book (since it violates Amazon’s terms)

As you can see, there are still more permissions than restrictions, and these restrictions are just there to protect the initial product’s value.

Coach Glue Pricing

Coach Glue Pricing

Coach Glue’s products might seem a little pricey for some people, but you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

The products are priced differently depending on the category. Here’s how much they all cost:

  • Blog posts: $27-$47 per pack
  • Planners: $47 each
  • Courses: $297 each
  • Video scripts: $97 each

Coach Glue is the right choice for you if you’re looking for high-quality content that will provide value for money.

Coach Glue VIP Club

Coach Glue VIP Club

Coach Glue’s Vip Program is the ultimate package for coaches who want to get ahead. For one low price, you’ll get access to an entire library of packages that you can start using immediately in your business.

That includes:

  • 18 done-for-you courses (valued at $297 each)
  • 21 video scripts & workbook packages (valued at $97 each)
  • 38 done-for-you planners (valued at $47 each), and
  • 8 done-for-you blog posts packages (valued at $27-$47 per pack)

With the Coach Glue VIP pass, all the hard work has been done for you. Combining their pre-created content with your brilliance is all it takes to increase your bottom line by hundreds (or thousands) without burning out, hiring out, or freaking out.

So if you’re ready to take your coaching business to the next level, make just one payment of $997, and you’ll get instant access to everything you see on their VIP Club page.

Coach Glue Pros and Cons

Coach Glue Pros and Cons


  • High-quality evergreen products
  • Well-written product descriptions
  • Different bundles with distinct specificity
  • Hot niches covered
  • Unique product categories


  • No free PLR products to try
  • High prices for starters

Who Is Coach Glue Perfect For?

Who Is Coach Glue Perfect For?

While there are hundreds of PLR article websites to choose from, Coach Glue goes beyond that.

In their own words, Melissa and Nicole describe their products as “resources, models, and training to help coaches earn more money, run their businesses smoothly, and still enjoy their lifestyles.”

That’s precisely what you get for such a low price.

Their coaching programs can help you improve your business or become an expert in any area of teaching and coaching.

If you search for more than a basic private label, Coach Glue is the place to go. They even publish planners and reports.

The Coach Glue platform is perfect for people who want to start their own online business without learning about the ins and outs of web design and development. This platform makes it easy for anyone with an internet connection and a computer.

Coach Glue Review: Final Verdict

Coach Glue Review: Final Verdict

Coach Glue is a site that offers professional-grade, done-for-you coaching materials.

While most PLR sites allow you to sell the resell license of a PLR product to the end buyer, Coach Glue only enables you to sell the content to your clients with personal use rights.

This results in higher quality content– and as long as you’re not planning on reselling the products, it’s a great resource for coaches and consultants who want high-quality content without having to write it themselves.

The restrictions are in place to protect the initial product’s value, and while some people might find Coach Glue’s prices a little high, I think you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

I hope this Coach Glue review has been helpful to you. If you still have questions about the platform, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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