10 Examples of Low Content PLR That You Can Monetize!

Are you currently on the lookout for something much more convenient than regular PLR? Well, look no further, because we know just what you need.

Introducing, low content PLR!

If you’re a regular reader of our blog posts, then you might be familiar with the term since we talked about it a couple of times.

But if you’ve never heard of this term before, then no problem! We got you covered.

Today we’re going to quickly go over what low content PLR is and why it’s awesome. Plus, we’re going to talk about specific examples of low content PLR that you can monetize!

So read on because you surely don’t want to miss what we have in store for you!

A Short Recap

Basically, low content PLR is a type of PLR or Private Label Rights Content. And from its name, it means it has lesser content than a regular one.

It’s something that you can purchase, and once you purchase it you’re allowed to modify it and use it however you want to, whether it’s just for personal or even for commercial use.

In short, you can make money with them, legally.

What Makes Low Content PLR Great?

what makes low content plr great


PLR content in general has a lot of benefits. But there are indeed perks to using low content PLR that are hard to find in other types of content, and here are some of them:

They’re easy to customize and they take a short period of time to edit.

Since low content PLR contains less than what you would find in regular PLR content, that means they’re fast and easy to modify.

You don’t have to read through blocks of texts because low content PLR is made with the intention of making the customers themselves complete the pages or fill them up.

So compared to regular PLR content, making or modifying low content PLR would take far less time.

No need for thinking of new ideas or concepts regularly.

As we mentioned earlier, low content materials are meant to be completed by the readers or users themselves. Low content activity books, to be specific, are repetitive which means they kind of have the same concept most of the time.

So unlike regular PLR content, you don’t have to constantly squeeze your brain out just to come up with new ideas every single time.

They’re cheap.

Most PLR content comes in packages that are super affordable. The same goes for low-content PLR. So you’ll be paying less but you’ll be getting more. Now that sounds like a deal to me!

They sell quickly.

This is one of the best things about using low content PLR. Since they’re designed to have less content, that means it’ll take a short amount of time for customers to use them.

Take, for example, puzzle books. Once the customer fills all of the pages, they’re going to purchase another one. And once that second puzzle book gets filled, another one gets purchased. It goes on and on.

So if you’re planning on earning yourself some passive income without the hassle, then low content PLR might be just what you need.

10 Examples of Low Content PLR That You Can Monetize

10 plr content you can monetize

1. Coloring Books

Whether it’s a children’s coloring book or an adult’s coloring book, one thing is for sure – it’s an activity that both little ones and grown-ups can enjoy.

Aside from the fact that it’s a fun thing to do for people of all ages, coloring books also have a lot of benefits to our health.

They can help people relax, relieve their stress and express their creativity. It’s also an effective way for family members to come together and bond.

2. Maze Books

Remember those little maze games that you used to play when you were a kid? Well, they’re still around and they’re still as enjoyable as ever!

Maze books are great for people who want to take a break from staring at their screens all day. And they’re also perfect for kids who are still learning and developing their skills.

3. Crossword Books

If fun and challenging workbooks are what your customers are looking for, then crossword puzzles would be the answer to that!

Crosswords are another type of activity that people of all ages can do. They’re perfect for people who want to constantly challenge their minds and keep them sharp.

Unlike regular PLR content which needs a lot of editing, this kind of low content PLR is much easier to modify. All you have to do is to come up with words that belong to a specific level of difficulty.

4. Word Search Books

If you’re looking to give your customers another kind of vocabulary workbook, then think of no other than word search books!

Whether people choose to play it by themselves or with friends and family, the fact still remains – it’s a fun pastime!

5. Dot-to-dot Books

Unlike the other low-content activity books we talked about earlier, dot-to-dot books are most suitable for little ones who are still developing. Dot-to-dot books are a great kind of exercise that can help little kids improve their hand-eye coordination as well as their cognitive skills.

6. Sudoku 

If you’re looking for an activity book that’s perfect for people who enjoy crunching numbers, then Sudoku books would be it!

For people who know how to play it, they know how fun yet challenging it gets along the way.

7. Chords Books

Did you know that the piano and the guitar are the world’s most popular instruments?

So it’s no surprise that there are a lot of people looking for resources on how to play those instruments. Take advantage of how in-demand this kind of knowledge is and help those people out through your chord books for both the piano and the guitar!

8. Recipe Books

People love food. And taking photos of foods and uploading them to social media is a popular trend that’s been going on for quite a while now.

And wouldn’t it be awesome to post photos of mouthwatering dishes that you yourself made? Exactly! And that’s what many others think, too.

In fact, there’s actually a new term that people are calling it. It’s called foodstagramming.

The best way to reach out to those people is through a good recipe book filled with the most popular and the best-tasting dishes that they can try to make and flex on social media!

9. Fitness Tracker Books

If your target audiences are people who are into fitness and healthy living, then your low content PLR fitness tracker books would be perfect!

The number of people who are becoming more and more health conscious has been increasing, so it’s extremely important for them to keep track of their diet as well as their exercise routines.

That’s where the importance of fitness tracker books comes in!

10. Schedulers

Want something that’s much more simple? Then go for schedulers!

It’s meant to be filled in by customers themselves to help them keep track of their daily routines as well as their important appointments. Since most of the writing is going to be on them, then that means there’s less to edit on your side.

Ways You Can Make Money With Them

ways you can make money with them

Sell them as low-content books.

One way you can make money from them is to create low-content books that you can sell. Physical books would be preferable because they’re meant to be filled in by the customers themselves.

When you do decide to sell them as physical books, let out the creativity in you and make appealing book covers that attract people to buy them.

Sell them as printables.

Another way you can supplement your earnings from physical books is also to provide printable files. This would be a good option to reach out to customers who live far away, or for those who prefer to print the files by themselves.

Develop an App using them.

Did you know that apps can generate a daily income of $3,090 – $22,000? That’s a lot!

So if you have knowledge when it comes to app development, consider making an app or even some smartphone games from those low content PLR examples that we just mentioned.

Important Things To Remember

important things to remember

Before you start earning some passive income using the low content PLR examples we just shared with you, there are a couple of important things you should know, just to give you a heads up!

Edit Your Low Content PLR

You can freely use your low content PLR however you want, but it would be best not to take them as ‘ready-to-sell’ content.

While it does sound convenient to not make any changes at all, it’s important to remember that PLR content can be bought by many people. If you don’t make any changes to yours, it would be possible to bump into another person who used the same content which can cause problems.

But no need to worry, editing low content PLR takes far less time compared to regular PLR.

Choose to sell low content PLR that’s relevant to your niche.

When you choose to sell low content PLR that you’re already knowledgeable about, it’ll make things much easier.

It’ll be easier for you to edit them that way because you’d know which parts need to be improved. When you have knowledge about the certain low content PLR that you want to earn money with, you can also incorporate your own knowledge into them!

Buy from proven providers.

When it comes to buying PLR content, it’s important to choose to buy from providers who are proven and trusted.

There are thousands of places that sell PLR content, but it would be difficult to go through them all and know which ones are legit and provide quality content.

But no worries, we’ve narrowed them down and talked about each one of them in great detail. If you want to check them out, here’s a link.

Go for it!

go for it

And there you have it! All the things you need to know when it comes to low content PLR and how you can earn some passive income from them.

Would you like to give them a try? Let us know and we’d be happy to hear what you think!

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